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simplyjustash [userpic]

July 20th, 2009 (05:14 pm)

Well, I am back but who knows for how long. I have been home for like a week from babysitting because the girl I was babysitting for got fired. A whole bunch of crap happened and I honestly don't want to go back to babysitting, anyway. That's not a real job.

I am supposed to be going to this BVR thing in Canton some time hopefully soon. I don't know if it's for someone like me, though? I'm going to be tested to see if I am slow. I do however suffer from depression and social phobia, but I doubt that counts unfortunately. That's like my only hope.

I'm supposed to have an appointment tomorrow with Dr.G and my counselor. The Dr. appointment got canceled because I haven't been doing like I'm supposed to. Which is applying Vaniqua to my face rwice daily like I'm supposed to.

Nothing else has been going on, besides lots of boredom and facebook addiction!