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Well, lookie there ;)

March 14th, 2014 (11:53 pm)

Once again, I slack on trying to update these things. I always forget.

Since my last post, I have been with Family Dollar for almost 4 years! F.O.U.R.!
I met someone last year off the internet who I allowed to make myself miserable.
A few years ago I lost the only 2 friends I had left due to some B.S. I got tired of immaturity and pretty much told them in a harsh way to piss off.
Ever since I have been just going to work and just sitting at home on my days off. It gets lonely, but I deal. I don't know where to meet new people...

My dad has dementia and its so tough to watch him go through. I was always so used to him being an outdoors man, always working on cars or watching/helping him do stuff. He used to be so active. Now? All he does is sit on the couch. Won't leave the house and is glued to the TV, thinking that whatever he is watching on TV is live. It's so awkward because as a little girl or even growing up I never even thought about losing my parents. It's all I think about anymore.