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It's my life.

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Well, let's see.
I'm Ash. I'm a Virgo and am currently 23 years of age.
I hail from HOF city.

As far as my personality, it's a bit complex.
I'm a high school graduate. Doesn't mean I'm smart, matter of fact, I barely graduated with my class.
BUT, I love those who are grammatically correct. It fascinates me.
I may use big words, but that doesn't mean I can explain the definition to you.
Bad spelling irritates me.
I'm an air head.
I don't work. I've never worked a day in my life.
I don't drive or have my license.
I'm a kid at heart and probably always will be.
I can be a bore.
I can be rather annoying at times.
I'm odd.
I might be hypocritical. A part of living and learning, I guess.
I can be fun.
I love laughing, but more so love to make others laugh.
I'm quiet, but have my loud moments.
I think I'm depressive.
I seem to bitch a lot.
I have a few friends.
I don't associate well with others. One of my biggest fears is public speaking. I almost fear it more than death itself.
I am a good listener.
I say off the wall things. I also may do off the wall stuff.
I'm normally home 24/7.
I'm honest. Sometimes I tend to be a little too honest.
If you've asked my immediate family to describe me in one word, they'd probably tell you that I'm.. "hateful" or "Satan".
I can get super jealous, but I don't usually admit to it. I figure, most that know me would catch onto when I am, but they don't.
I like to be argumentive even when I know I'm wrong.
I have very little patience, I'd advise not to test it.
You'll usually catch me in a bad mood as soon as I wake up.
I do curse, but mainly when I can't get something to work or during a verbal argument.
I have low self-esteem, therefore I don't take compliments of myself well.
I love to take pictures, but not of myself. I just never know what to take pictures of.
I love movies, but I don't watch enough of them.
I enjoy music and singing entirely way too much. I've noticed most are a bit embarrassed by their singing in front of others. I don't care what people think of mine. I'll sing whether you like it or not. I am a habitual smoker, it's not going to sound as if I deserve some sort of record contract.
I don't think I could live without the internet. I hibernate all year long from the outside world on it. I spend most of my time playing online games.
I definitely over use "lol" on IM as if it were going out of style.
I'm a txting freak.

I dislike those who think they're better than me or anyone else.
I dislike those who brag. I really don't care to hear as to how many sexual partners you've had the night before and how many STD's you've might've collected during.
I loathe sexual predators/fakes.
I strongly believe in the death penalty and encourage it to be enforced.

I also encourage those to be real with themselves (first) as well as others. [This means, being someone you're not isn't cool.] If you can manage to do this, then major kudos to you.

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