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simplyjustash [userpic]

August 17th, 2009 (08:28 pm)

I went to the BVR appointment and it went okay. I can't think under pressure, obviously, though... haha. I don't think I'll make it into their program. As all the questions the lady asked were dependent questions and I could do them all, besides the social situations.

I don't have any money for my birth control, which is $9/pop. I haven't been taking my anti-depressants because I can't afford those either. And honestly, I'm lazy. I felt the wrath of not taking them a week ago. I had a mental breakdown. If mental hospitals were free I would be sitting in one.

I'm going to the Welfare office to see if I can get some kind of assistance until I find a job. I'm going to tell them, that I hate my life and everything in it, pretty much. That I wish I wasn't here. Because plain and simple, that's how I feel.

I'm so sick of drama. I'm so sick of people and their poor health situations. I'm so sick of not accomplishing anything. There is totally something wrong with me and it's ANNOYING.

10 days until my 23rd birthday. Woo.