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simplyjustash [userpic]

February 5th, 2010 (03:55 am)

Oh, blah. I keep forgetting I have Scribefire on my browser and can update my journal without going to LJ itself. Because honestly? I forget. Or, I just have absolutely nothing to say. I live the same routine, so there is nothing worth saying that is not going to be repetitive.

Since my last post...

  • I lost my job at Walmart. I was a seasonal cashier and only worked there 3 weeks. All the seasonals were let go at once. This was not supposed to happen! We were all let go early. It was bad judgment on the guy running the store. He hired too many. Regulars were getting their hours cut, etc. Needless to say, I took it pretty bad.
  • I am trying to find another job. Honestly? I could do tons better with trying to find out. I am such a WUSS!!
  • I no longer have internet on my phone. It's hard not having it!! Because I used it when I went outside in the garage to smoke, mainly. Why can't they make a phone pretty much like a computer? Well, Verizon needs something like an iphone, where you can download all these apps. Because if they had one, I would so buy it. So I could get rid of the internet on my pc. Because I only use the internet for FB and social networking sites. What a waste, right?!
  • I am very irresponsible and need better sleeping habits. I go to bed at odd hours of the morning. Wake up to missed calls on my cell from important people, that I don't think I can bother with calling back because by the time I get up the people are no longer in their office. For the life of me I cannot hear any sounds while I'm in a deep sleep.
  • I think I have discovered where my depression comes from. It comes from being at home, or well living at home. Because I know I can be spoiled here. Although, I have been "spoiling" myself lately. I have been paying for the things I don't need. I feel a lot better when I am at someone elses' house.

I really just need to forget everything and just let go! I need to stop worrying over every little thing. I realized if I think about it before I do it, I am more than likely not going to do whatever it is I need to do. If I go ahead and do it I am fine. Weird.